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I've used the code from WebPlus as much as possible and as would work inside a Drupal page to retain the original look of these sites. I've changed the references to wpimages (I've put the necessary pictures into /sites/default/files/pixoldsites/ and created one image from the several that WebPlus made ) and I've removed all of the scripting WebPlus used as well as the id tags for each and every line. Hopefully this will explain why the code is so sloppy, so have fun.

These were the original website Home and Club Info pages which were active prior to the current version you are using. Thanks go to Tom Parker (sadly, now deceased) for implementing and managing the website until 2009; he will be sorely missed.

These pages are preserved for a historical perspective only, hence just the Home and Club Info pages (and the News links on the 2010-2013 pages) are the only ones that still work. All other links have been removed.

The site was built using various versions of Serif WebPlus until the current version which was created late 2013 using Drupal 7.

Fraser Drummond
April 2015

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