Tennis Ayrshire AGM – Election of Office Bearers - a plea

Coylton Tennis Club is affiliated to Tennis Ayrshire, a body that represents all the Ayrshire tennis clubs and which has its own responsibilities and its own managing committee. We have received the following email from them requesting volunteers for that committee.

Dear All,

Our Annual General Meeting (Tennis Ayrshire AGM) is almost upon us and at a recent meeting of the committee there was considerable concern and discussion regarding the current lack of office bearers. Presently there are four members on the Tennis Ayrshire (TA) Committee (This is unconstitutional and if we followed the Constitution to the letter we would have to terminate Tennis Ayrshire ). The Constitution states that there should be at least nine members with all clubs represented and individual members from clubs elected if the club does not already have a member in office; therefore this number could be greater than nine. We are struggling to manage TA with with this small number and where we should be proactive to the benefit of all we are reactive and limiting damage.

I am certain that you all enjoy the various leagues that TA administers but this does not happen by accident and all who participate have a responsibility to ensure its longevity. As President I think that we have reached a milestone and we cannot continue with the present format of a small handful of conscientious individuals providing a service to all clubs in Ayrshire. If we do not have new volunteers TA will fold and if the current four office bearers cease to provide their input for whatever reason with no new input we will have no Committee for 2015-16.

As you will be aware there have been many recent changes in the administration and methodology of Tennis Scotland and we have to be better able to look after ourselves and stand-alone. This includes income generation, and to remain viable we need funding to resource our activities that will in turn benefit members and generate further income. Currently we are running down capital with no income and this will equally see the demise of TA in the short term.

The foregoing may appear rather negative and melancholy but we have many talented and committed members in the wider TA whose talents remain untapped and given their joint input to the core TA could once again become a force to be reckoned with.

Please think very carefully regarding giving something back to the sport that you have such a passionate and high regard for and remember that sharing the load between nine (and possibly more) instead of four makes the task much less onerous. Yet we have addressed difficult tasks with success. The most outstanding is the TA Booklet (with sponsorship) that has proven to be very beneficial to many members. What could we have done with greater input? I would be grateful if you could discuss the foregoing in detail at your next committee meeting and forward the names of nominees in order that TA can continue to be viable.

Best wishes,

Gordon F Watt
President – Tennis Ayrshire

(posted via email)