Senior Winners Roll of Honour

This is an (in)complete list of all the senior winners since the club was restarted in 1979. We've created this by trawling through the minutes of our annual general meetings, before the names of the early champions fade from the pages of history.

Sadly, there are some missing names, so if there's anyone out there who lays claim to having been a senior winner in the missing years, please get in touch. Also, if you were an early senior winner and have a photo to record the occasion, we'd be delighted to display it on the website. Send any information to us at this email address.

Coylton Tennis Club Senior Winners

Date Mens singles Ladies singles Mixed doubles Mens doubles Ladies doubles Senior ladies singles
2016 Aidan Kerr Joan Purdie Allan McClure & Beth Davidson Andy Jones & Ross Duncan Beth Davidson & Joan Purdie Joan Purdie
2015 Ross Duncan Claire Tester Allan McClure & Marion Murdoch Morris Thompson & Allan McClure Joan Purdie & Liz Milroy Marion Murdoch
2014 Ross Duncan Catherine McCubbin Kieren Oliver & Claire Tester Alan Coulter & Kevan McCrorie Wendy McClure & Rebecca Spence Joan Purdie
2013 Kevan McCrorie Wendy McClure Allan McClure & Beth Davidson Kevan McCrorie & Kieren Oliver Marion Murdoch & Claire Tester Joan Purdie
2012 Kevan McCrorie Claire Tester Alistair McClure & Claire Tester Andy Jones & Kevan McCrorie Liz Milroy & Claire Tester Wendy McClure
2011 Kevan McCrorie Claire Tester Andy Jones & Claire Tester Kevan McCrorie & Scott McClure Evelyn Ross & Marion Murdoch
2010 Alan Coulter Hannah Garrett Tony Berretti & Gillian Dick Morris Thompson & Allan McClure Evelyn Ross & Gillian Dick Wendy McClure
2009 Allan McClure Hannah Garrett Tony Berretti & Joan Purdie Morris Thompson & Alan Coulter Claire Tester & Hannah Garrett Sheila Ross
2008 Kenneth McLeod Sheila Ross Alistair McClure & Sheila Ross Michael McLachlan & Kevan McCrorie Pamela Findlay & Sheena Kennedy Wendy McClure
2007 Allan McClure Hannah Garrett Kenneth McLeod & Wendy McClure Andrew Baird & Kenneth McLeod Wendy McClure & Hannah Garrett Pamela Findlay
2006 Alan Coulter Hannah Garrett David Wyllie & Evelyn Ross Martin Wilson & David Wyllie Gillian Dick & Catherine McCubbin*
2005 Alan Coulter Maureen Milroy Michael McLachlan & Gillian Dick Alex Murray & Kenneth McLeod Pamela Findlay & Wendy McClure
2004 Alan Coulter Joan Purdie Michael McLachlan & Sheila Ross Pamela Findlay & Wendy McClure
2003 Alan Coulter Joan Purdie Nicholas Bone & Evelyn Ross
2002 Alan Coulter Nafiata McNaughton Morris Thompson & Sheila Ross
2001 Alan Coulter Emily Bryden Tommy Veitch & Nafiata McNaughton
2000 Alan Coulter Lynn Drummond Tony Berretti & Nafiata McNaughton
1999 Andy McDonald Emily Bryden Alan Coulter & Annette Cuthbert
1998 David Simpson Jillian Cuthbert David Simpson & Emily Bryden
1997 Alan Coulter Lynn Drummond Billy Fisher & Evelyn Ross
1996 Alan Coulter Allyson Wilson Iain Gibson & Nafiata McNaughton
1995 George McKenzie Emily Bryden Henry Dick & Evelyn Ross
1994 George McKenzie Evelyn Ross George Wyllie & June McKee
1993 George McKenzie Evelyn Ross Alex Murray & Gillian Dick
1992 George McKenzie Emily Bryden Alasdair Ross & Lynn Drummond
1991 George McKenzie Evelyn Ross George Trayner & Sheila Ross
1990 George McKenzie Evelyn Ross Andy McDonald & Allyson Wilson
1989 George McKenzie Evelyn Ross Fraser Cuthbert & Allyson Wilson
1988 Alan Coulter Evelyn Ross John Gower & Allyson Wilson
1987 John Elliot Evelyn Ross Alasdair Ross & Evelyn Ross
1986 Alan Coulter Evelyn Ross Alasdair Ross & Allyson Wilson
1985 Alex Murray & Joe Turner Karen Ross George Trayner & Marjorie McCulloch
1984 Alan Poole Evelyn Ross Alex Murray & Allyson Wilson
1983 Scott Aitken Karen Ross Ricky McGregor & Karen Ross

* née Eccles

Special thanks to Morris Thompson for scouring the minutes and reports to collate this information.