The Rough Guide to joining Coylton Tennis Club

Please note: Court 3 is always available for public use for adults and/or juniors providing the appropriate fees have been paid at the activity centre.

Many parents ask if it's worth their children joining the tennis club as junior members and a lot of the queries are the same. Here are the most common answers:

Junior members get outdoor coaching free. You still have to pay for indoor as we have to hire the Activity Centre.

Considering we run outdoor coaching all the way from April through June, some of the summer holidays, and mid August to mid September, it doesn't take long to recoup the membership fee. And if your children attend coaching more than once a week, it's a no-brainer.

Junior members can use the courts free of charge. There are some restrictions.

Sometimes the club books the courts for official events – open days, league matches, coaching etc.

Non members who have paid at the Activity Centre get immediate priority on Court 3. That is, unless the court has been booked by the club they can chase any members (adult or junior) away. But only for as long as their paid time lasts. And it still leaves two courts available.

After 7pm on weekdays and 5pm at weekends, adult club members get priority. So if there's a queue waiting to get on, they can skip any juniors. But at all other times it's equal – first come first served.

If there's a queue, you have to play doubles. What we mean by that is 4 juniors (or adults) can't go on and grab two courts to play singles while others are still waiting. You can play singles any other time.

Also if there's a queue, anyone on court has to give way after half an hour. Only fair. They can rejoin the queue if they want.

Not to complicate it but sometimes near the end of the season if there's a backlog of club championship singles to play, singles are allowed while others are waiting. But that doesn't happen very often.

Members can get on the courts by signing out a key.

Members can sign out the court key from the Activity Centre by showing their membership card. If the Activity Centre is closed they can get the key at the Costcutters shop in Main St.

But... if juniors have the key they are responsible for locking the gate when they leave and returning the key where they got it.

Junior members can play in our league teams.

Unlike the indoor mini tennis – where anyone can play in our league teams – only club members can play in our outdoor teams. We enter teams into the red, orange, green and 12U & 16U leagues, so everyone has a chance to be selected.

Junior members can play in our club competitions.

Each year we run club singles tournaments at 10U, 12U and 16U, boys and girls doubles, and junior mixed doubles. Winners and runners-up get medals and the winner gets their name engraved on a permanent trophy, which they hold for a year. Again, unlike the indoor, only club members can take part.

The more your children play, the better they will get.

There's no such sport as “tennis coaching”. Your children will only really improve and stay playing tennis if they play it a lot with their friends. And if your children are too young to be let loose on their own, family membership is a great way of spending time with them on court.