Mini tennis results and league tables, winter 2013-14

Hi mini tennis players... we've now played our first two league matches and the league tables have just been issued. I've posted a copy below (see February posting for latest tables). We've three matches left to play between January and March so all the teams still have time to climb up their divisions. Believe it or not, the key is to attend your coaching classes as often as you can. All our opponents certainly do.

I've also posted the results sheets for our first two matches so you can all see how you've played.

Coylton C has actually "won" both its matches but because of the "mixed teams" rule has been penalised both times. The "mixed teams" rule says that all teams must be mixed boys and girls, and if you play an all boys (or all girls) team you forfeit two games in that match to your opponents.

However it works both ways as Coylton A was awarded two games when it played against an all boys team in December. This gave us a 6-0 victory instead of 4-2. That could make a difference if this division goes to a count of games to decide top places, as it has done in the past.

We only field all boys teams as we are short of girls in this age group.