Junior Winners Roll of Honour

This is a complete list of all the junior winners since the club was restarted in 1979. We've created this by trawling through the minutes of our annual general meetings, before the names of the early champions fade from the pages of history.

You can see that early on the competitions ran some years and not others, almost certainly due to a shortage of eligible players. But you can also see that as the junior section grew in numbers we began to add more events, such as the U10s.

From 2014 the age ranges were changed from (for example) "U16" to "16U", meaning that anyone still 16 on 31 August of the current year was eligible. This was to comply with LTA guidelines.

Tantalisingly the minutes imply that tournaments were run in 1984, but no winners' names have been recorded. If there's anyone out there who lays claim to having been a junior winner in that year, please get in touch. Also, if you were an early junior winner and have a photo to record the occasion, we'd be delighted to display it on the website.

Coylton Tennis Club Junior Winners (blank = no tournament)

Date 18U Boys 16U Boys 16U Girls 12U Boys 12U Girls 10U Boys 10U Girls
2016 Aidan Kerr Gregor Morris Gregor Morris Rachael Lubek Adam McIntyre Kirsten Sloan
2015 Kieran Smith Gregor Morris Gregor Morris
2014 Megan Maclellan Joe McNair Gregor Morris Lucy Sutherland

Date U16 Boys U16 Girls U12 Boys U12 Girls U10 Boys U10 Girls
2013 Kieran Shannon Monica McCrorie Kieran Smith Megan Maclellan Gregor Morris
2012 Aidan Kerr Nicole Clarke Sammy Jess Hannah Spence Gregor Morris Megan Maclellan
2011 Aidan Kerr Nicole Clarke Adam Smith Hannah Spence Adam Smith
2010 Allan McClure Nicole Clarke Brian Hewitson Nicole Clarke Adam Smith Hannah Spence
2009 Allan McClure Sarah Fergusson Aidan Kerr Nicole Clarke Dylan Hewitson Hannah Spence
2008 Allan McClure Nicole Clarke Ross Duncan Nicole Clarke Brian Hewitson Nicole Clarke
2007 Allan McClure Hannah Garrett Scott Duncan Sarah Fergusson Aidan Kerr Nicole Clarke
2006 Allan McClure Hannah Garrett Allan McClure Heather George Ross Duncan Sarah Fergusson
2005 David Wyllie Hannah Garrett Allan McClure Maeve McCrorie Allan McClure
2004 David Baird Hannah Garrett Charlie Macneal Hannah Garrett Allan McClure
2003 David Baird Hannah Garrett Craig McLachlan Hannah Garrett
2002 Tommy Veitch Emma Cuthbert David Wyllie Hannah Garrett
2001 Tommy Veitch Heather McLeod David Baird Emma Cuthbert
2000 Tommy Veitch Lynn Veitch David Baird Emma Cuthbert
1999 Kenneth McLeod Jillian Cuthbert Tommy Veitch Emma Cuthbert
1998 Kenneth McLeod Jillian Cuthbert David Young Elisabeth McQueen
1997 Craig Gilmour Jillian Cuthbert Ewan Davidson Jillian Cuthbert
1996 George Leggat Ellen Patrick Kenneth McLeod
1995 Neil Houston Catherine Eccles Alex Hamilton
1994 Ryan McGinley Catherine Eccles
1993 Derek Neil Catherine Eccles Andrew Rennie
1992 Derek Neil Catherine Eccles
1991 Keith Thom
1990 Douglas Henry Heather McKee
1989 Douglas Henry Nicola Hamilton
1988 Simon McKee Hazel Brown
1987 Douglas Bryden
1986 Nicholas Martin
1985 Alasdair Ross Steven McNally
1983 Martin Wilson Elaine Aitken
1982 Scott Aitken Karen Ross Alasdair Ross Marion Daly
1981 Scott Aitken Karen Ross Alasdair Ross Marion Daly

Date Junior Mixed Doubles Boys Doubles Girls Doubles 18U boys 8U
2016 Sam McDowall & Kirsten Sloan Joe McNair & Matthew Paton Aidan Kerr
2015 Iain Stevenson & Alistair Gamble Aidan Kerr Max Beggs
2014 Kieran Smith & Eilidh Maclellan Aidan Kerr & Jamie Copeland Millie Graham & Megan Maclellan Ross Duncan
U18 boys
2013 Sammy Jess & Joe McNair Monica McCrorie & Rachael Lubek Kieren Oliver
2012 Kieran Shannon & Nicole Clarke Aidan Kerr & Kieran Smith Kieren Oliver
2011 Kieren Oliver & Hannah Spence Andrew Logan & Kyle Lamont Sarah Fergusson & Hannah Spence
2010 Kyle Lamont & Nicole Clarke Andrew Logan & Aidan Kerr Nicole Clarke & Hannah Spence Sean Kennedy
2009 Andrew Logan & Nicole Clarke Aaron Dick & Aidan Kerr Sarah Fergusson & Rebecca Spence Kevan McCrorie
2008 Allan McClure & Rebecca Spence Ross Duncan & Alex McKee Rachael Jones & Nicole Clarke David Wyllie
2007 Matthew Russell & Nicole Clarke Allan McClure & Ross Duncan Niamh Durnan & Nicole Clarke
2006 Scott Duncan & Maeve McCrorie Craig McLachlan & Ross Duncan Hannah Garrett & Niamh Durnan
2005 Jack Garrett & Caitlin Russell David Wyllie & Jack Garrett
2004 David Wyllie & Maeve McCrorie David Baird & Aaron Dick
2003 Aaron Dick & Hannah Garrett From 1997 - 2003
2002 David Baird & Hannah Garrett presented to U12 winners
2001 Lee Murray & Elisabeth McQueen
2000 Seán Gray & Lynn Veitch
1999 Allan Thomson & Jillian Cuthbert
1998 Kenneth McLeod & Melanie Blair
1997 Craig Gilmour & Jillian Cuthbert Captain Gower Trophy
1996 Alex Hamilton & Ellen Patrick Neil Winstanley / Ellen Patrick
1995 Angus Macara & Kirsty McNicol Neil Winstanley / Catherine Eccles
1994 Stuart Smith & Tanya Bryden Keith Thom / Tanya Bryden
1993 Ryan McGinley & Louise Murray Keith Thom / Tanya Bryden
1992 Derek Neil & Heather McGill Derek Neil / Catherine Eccles
1991 Alan Michaels & Lorna Davidson
1990 Douglas Henry & Rosalind Low
1989 Christopher Allan & Nicola Hamilton
1988 Douglas Henry & Fiona MacKenzie
1982 Scott Aitken & Karen Ross
1981 Scott Aitken & Karen Ross

Special thanks to Morris Thompson for scouring the minutes and reports to collate this information.