Club gets grant from 2014 Communities Fund

The club has been awarded a grant from the 2014 Communities Fund, to help run an outreach program for the primary schools in the surrounding villages. This program includes in-curriculum coaching and after-school clubs. The long term focus of this is to encourage the children (and potentially their parents) to take an interest in tennis and join the club.

The grant has allowed us to buy coaching equipment for use at the schools, including portable nets and extra rackets and balls. It has also funded coaching courses for two of our members.

Our original intent was to visit Coylton, Annbank, Dalrymple and Ochiltree, but we have since extended this to include Drongan, Littlemill, and St Patrick’s in Auchinleck.

This work will continue after Easter with some taster days planned when children from the schools will be invited to come and try tennis on proper courts.

The 2014 Communities Fund is about building a legacy of well-being before and beyond the Commonwealth Games. The club outreach program will continue into the future, well beyond 2014.