2014 Mini Tennis Red League

Teams are being invited to take part in the Tennis Ayrshire Mini Tennis Red League, details below. If you have not already been invited and would like to play for Coylton Tennis Club, please email Morris Thompson, on or before Friday 10 October 2014.

Mini Tennis Red is aimed at primary school children and is played on a badminton-sized court with scaled-down rackets (no longer than 23”) and 8cm foam balls.

The league will take place at Prestwick Tennis Centre, from 6-9pm on the following Fridays: 14 November, 5 December, 30 January, 20 February and 6 March.

Clubs/ Mini Tennis Centres may enter more than one team. The cost per team is £40. Clubs usually recover this by charging their team players a small fee per match. All cheques must be payable to “Ayrshire Mini Tennis”. Entering a team implies a commitment to attend each evening and fulfill all of the fixtures.

There are 8 divisions of 6 teams, covering players of all standards from beginner to advanced. The lower divisions will be reserved for players who are 8U in winter season 2014-15. All players in the 8U divisions should have a BTM number to allow their results to be entered into the LTA results manager. All players, including beginners in the lower divisions, must be able to place the ball into play and maintain a basic rally.

To allow children to benefit from playing in the league, and have a rewarding experience, coaches should indicate appropriate divisions for their teams. Placement cannot be guaranteed, but the mini tennis committee will make best endeavours.

Teams consist of 4 players, of whom at least one must be a boy and at least one a girl. If you cannot field a girl of suitable standard you may enter an all-boy team, but will concede the 4th singles and 2nd doubles rubber to any mixed team that you play against, regardless of the actual result of those rubbers. A similar rule applies to overage players in the 8U divisions.

Each match consists of 4 singles and 2 doubles, all of which are 11-point tiebreaks. Typically a match takes place on one (badminton) court and lasts an hour. Each team should expect to play one match every evening, making 5 matches in all during the season. Very rarely, if there is a fixture backlog, a team may be required to play more than one match on an evening. All matches are umpired.

Four medals are awarded to the winning and running-up team in each division. In addition the winning team in each division will receive a shield that is held for the year.

Morris Thompson
Mini Tennis Convenor