2012 Junior & Mini-Tennis

Ten Coylton teams plus one Sundrum team entered in Ayrshire Red League. This league has divisions for children as young as 5, so all our players are eligible to be chosen for a team.
League Division 1 runners-up - Coylton A - (Sammy Jess, Hannah Spence, Monica McCrorie, Sam Kerr)
There are 48 teams from across Ayrshire in the mini red league. In the last 6 years we have been first division champions twice and runners-up four times.

Ayrshire Boys Open runner-up - Sammy Jess and Ayrshire Girls Open winner - Hannah Spence

The Coylton team who played in the Ayrshire Primary Schools’ Red championships – Semifinalists last season but in the last 8 years we have won this 3 times and been runners-up 4 times.
Kieran Smith, Joe McNair, Sam Kerr, Olivia Weatherston, Mitchell Lamont, Monica McCrorie, Hannah Spence, Rachel  Morrow.

The Coylton team who were runners-up in the Ayrshire Primary Schools' Green championships. In the last 7 years we have won this 4 times and been runners-up twice.

Hannah Spence, Adam Smith, Monica McCrorie, Sam Kerr