2010 Junior & Mini-Tennis

League Division 1 runners-up (Coylton A – in the last 4 years we have won this division twice and been runners-up twice) – Brian Hewitson, Nicole Clarke, Rebecca Spence, Sam Kerr, Adam Smith (not in photo).

Ayrshire Girls’ Open Champion (Nicole Clarke); Ayrshire Girls 9U Champion (Hannah Spence); Ayrshire Boys’ 9U Champion (Adam Smith), runner-up (Sam Kerr)

Ayrshire Primary Schools’ (mini red) runners-up - Coylton Primary School (in the last 6 years we have won this 3 times and been runners-up 3 times) – Brian Hewitson, Euan Wilson, Rebecca Spence, Adam Smith, Jennifer McMillan, Sam Kerr, Eilidh McKay, Hannah Spence.

Ayrshire Primary Schools’ (mini green) Champions – Coylton Primary (for the 4th year in a row) – Euan Wilson, Brian Hewitson, Nicole Clarke, Hannah Spence.