It's Membership renewal time again (it runs from 1st April to 31st March).

Please remember, existing members who have not renewed their subscription after 1 May will incur a surcharge of £5.00 and will not be entitled to play in any competitions or get to use the club's courts, so get in early to renew yours.

You can print off your membership application, or enrol for junior or mini-tennis coaching, here through the website. Once you print off and complete your membership application and pay your fee, you can take part in the Tennis Ayrshire and other tournaments.

These are the events that the club is organising for members this season (red = junior event). Please check the website for details of how to enter.

Also note that unless stated otherwise, all 3 courts are reserved for these events.

Date Time Event
Mondays 20 March – 29 June 7 – 9.30pm Ladies team practice
Tuesdays 28 March – 20 June 7 – 9.30pm Men’s team practice
Sunday 2 April 2 – 5pm Opening day
Sundays 9 April – 4 June 2 – 3pm Adult improvers coaching
Tuesdays 18 April – 20 June 4 - 6pm Junior coaching
Fridays 21 April – 23 June 6 – 8pm Junior coaching
Saturdays 22 April – 24 June 1 – 3pm Junior coaching
Wednesdays 19 April – 21 June 7 – 9.30pm Ladies league (including playoffs)
Thursdays 20 April – 22 June 7 – 9.30pm Men’s league (including playoffs)
Saturday 29 April 3 – 6pm Boys road to Wimbledon
Saturday 6 May 3 – 6pm Boys road to Wimbledon
Sunday 14 May 3 – 6pm Senior/Junior doubles
Saturday 27 May 3 – 6pm Boys doubles (qualifier)
Saturday 3 June 3 – 6pm Boys doubles
Sunday 18 June 2 – 5pm Alex Murray tournament
Tuesday 20 June 7 – 9.30pm Men's doubles
Tuesdays 27 June - 15 August 7 – 9.30pm Social mixed doubles
Saturday 29 July 2 – 5pm Mixed doubles
Sunday 30 July 2 – 5pm Mixed doubles
Saturday 5 August 2 – 5pm Senior Ladies Singles
Monday 7 August 10am – 12noon Ayrshire summer challenge red
Tuesday 8 August 10am – 12noon ASC orange
Wednesday 9 August 10am – 12noon ASC green
Friday 11 August 10am – 1pm ASC 12U
Saturday 12 August 2 – 5pm Ladies doubles
Fridays 28 July - 22 September 6pm – 8pm Junior coaching
Saturdays 29 July - 23 September 1pm – 3pm Junior coaching
Tuesdays 1 August - 19 September 10am – 1pm Junior coaching
Sunday 20 August 10am – 1pm 8U and 10U championships
Saturday 26 August 10am – 6pm Finals day
Sunday 27 August (provisional) 10am – 1pm (2 courts) Spare time for finals
Sunday 10 September 1 – 5pm Joe Turner tournament

Most of our league teams ended up in divisions too high for them this year. It's a long story I can't go into here. It was outside my control this time but suffice it to say it won't happen again. However we have to put up with a “learning” season this time around – that is, we are unlikely to be up among the prizes but the experience will do us good for the future. Better to play and lose than not play at all.

The current league tables are attached.

The league now takes a break for Christmas with the next two match nights following in quick succession on Fridays 20th January and 3rd February.

Our own classes finish on Friday 16th December, with our Christmas outing to LA Bowl on Saturday 17th.

The Coylton A team came third in the first division of the Ayrshire Mini Tennis winter leagues, losing out to strong teams from Prestwick Tennis Centre who captured the top two places. It was a still a good result for us, maintaining our status as main challenger to Prestwick dominance.

The team was Adam, Robbie, James and Rachael.

The rest of the teams did less well, but with a year's experience under their belts, and in lower divisions next season, they should do a lot better.

Once again the Coylton mini tennis finals brought out the best in our primary age players, with some hard fought matches in both boys' and girls' tournaments. Though the matches were often close, with some surprise results, all the players deserve congratulations for their good sportsmanship throughout.

Rachael came out top in the girls' finals for the second year in a row, while in the boys', Adam was the first new winner - and first new name to go on the plate - for the past several years.

Thanks also to our umpires on the night, Gillian, Matthew and Connor, and the staff at Coylton Activity Centre for their help throughout the season.

Congratulations to Coylton juniors for being among the silverware at the Ayrshire Mini Tennis Championships. In a close final, Adam came runner-up in the Boys' Open, joining a list of top Coylton players who have done this in the past. Meanwhile Robbie and Rachael made it into the semi-finals of the boys' and girls' open tournaments, to pick up bronze medals.

The Coylton boys team relaxing between matches at the Ayrshire 16U league finals. All the matches were close and fortunately the weather at Ayr Fort stayed mostly dry throughout. But no medals this time round. However Matthew, Luke, Kieran, and Joe look as though they were enjoying it.

Thanks to all of the participants in this year's club tournaments and congratulations to all of the winners and runners-up

WInners and Runners-Up
Senior Winners Winners Runners-Up
Men's Singles: Aidan Kerr Kevan McCrorie
Ladies Singles: Joan Purdie Marion Murdoch
Men's Doubles: Andy Jones & Ross Duncan Kevan McCrorie & Kieran Smith
Ladies Doubles: Beth Davidson & Joan Purdie Lynn Drummond & Jill Taylor
Mixed Doubles: Allan McClure & Beth Davidson Jack Garrett & Mary Garrett
Senior Ladies Singles: Joan Purdie Marion Murdoch
Murray Doubles: Gregor Morris & Liz Milroy Alan Coulter & Linda McLachlan
Junior Winners
Boys 18U: Aidan Kerr Kieran Smith
Boys 16U: Gregor Morris Joe McNair
Boys 12U: Gregor Morris Alistair Gamble
Girls 12U: Rachael Lubek Kirsten Sloan
Boys 10U: Adam McIntyre Robbie Stienlet
Girls 10U: Kirsten Sloan Louise Kerr
Junior Mixed Doubles: Sam McDowall & Kirsten Sloan Aidan Halpin & Louise Kerr
Boys Doubles: Joe McNair & Matthew Paton Matthew Lubek & Alistair Gamble

Well, we were all set for the annual Alex Murray Doubles tournament in June, with all the contestants ready and raring to go. Fifteen minutes later it all ended in a downpour, an early warning of what this summer was to be like. So we took the chance to play it on presentation day in September, doubling it up with the Joe Turner tournament. This time it stayed dry but blew a gale, such is tennis in Scotland.

This was the first time some of our juniors had played, and all acquitted themselves well. Picture shows the entrants with Gregor and Liz showing off the trophy, and just as importantly, the winners' chocolate bar. Meanwhile Jill was proudly displaying a rather fetching sandwich plate – Jill, that wasn't what we meant when we said you deserved to win one of the plates this season...

Winners of this year's boys doubles at Coylton Tennis Club were Joe and Matthew. Joe is a previous holder of the title with a different partner, but it was a delighted Matthew's first championship win.

The tournament began with a qualifying round for 10 and unders, won by Robbie. This made him the “spare” player in case any of the older boys was short of a partner. Despite his efforts, this year he didn't get the chance to play as all the older boys had successfully paired up, but at least next time he'll be old enough to go straight in to the main draw.

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